Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Three Recommendations for Team Member Selection

Competencies and personalities of team members affect the performance of business teams, and size of the team is important.  Careful team member assessment and selection should take place when assigning team members to project teams. Consider these three team member selection recommendations prior to forming your next project or launch team:

#1. Team member competency trumps availability

Team member selection is a vital component of effective team formation.  Many times team members are quickly assigned to a team based on availability or professional relationships.  Conduct an assessment of the team member competencies needed for superior team results. Competency rather than availability should be the criterion used for team member selection.    

#2. Keep teams as small as possible

The team should be comprised of the smallest number of team members needed to complete the team objectives.  This is often the first critical mistake a leader makes during team member selection.  Each member added to a project team should have a specific team purpose.  Input from operators in the field or functional department managers may be necessary for successful project results, but these individuals do not necessarily need to be added to the project team.

#3.  Select energetic and supportive personalities

Leaders should be concerned about the morale and emotional characteristics of team members.  If a team member is negative, demanding, or rude, you are putting your team outcomes at risk. Team members who are disruptive can quickly derail a team and at times the team spins out of control. Teams need members who are resourceful and positive with a can-do attitude.  Select team members who are willing, supportive, and energetic.

The process of team member selection warrants leadership discussion and compromise.  A clearly defined process of team member selection will lead to more effective team outcomes.

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