Friday, September 20, 2013

Strategy Information Begins Outside Your Organization

Organizational strategy plans should be based on information found outside your organization.  Strategy is based on markets, customers, potential customers, technology and the changing worldwide economy and financial dynamics.  The results of strategic plans are visible to your customers and competitors.  Don't measure your results with internal measurements. 

Inside your organization you have only a few key strategic decisions about cost centers.  The real change is happening outside your doors.  You may have a mountain of information about your customers and why they buy your product or service.  Unless you are a major brand holding a majority percent of the market, your customers represent only a small fraction of the market.  Your noncustomers and their changing lifestyles reveal the relevant strategic information needed for growth.

Focus for Strategy Leaders:

1. Do you know more about what is happening inside your organization than outside your organization?  If so, reverse this trend and become the expert of your external environment.

2. Learn about important new technologies in (and outside) your industry.
3.  How much time do you spend understanding your noncustomers and their changing lifestyles?  Make a plan to increase this time on your calendar.

Action for Leaders:  Create a system that continuously collects external information about your products and services.  Become the expert if your organization about markets, customers, noncustomers, technology, and financial economies.

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